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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Bloom 2016 - A super experience

Desert Gold makes up the majority of the Super Bloom display in Death Valley, CA.
I missed the last so-called Super Bloom in 2005, so I was bent upon getting to Death Valley to experience this one. Anticipated for months (as the result of rains received this past October), I am here to tell you that the 2016 Super Bloom is living up to its name.

While there are several different species of wildflowers present (some harder to spot than others like Purple Mat which grows close to the ground), the most notable is Desert Gold (shown here) which blankets most of the valley. Rising out of the desert floor up to three-feet, it also is the easiest photograph. And I found the best spreads lie at the southern end of Badwater Road. However, if you venture that far south into the park, be advised that a road closure will require you to go back the way you came. So, plan for the extra time required to exit the park, or at least get back to Badwater Basin (282 ft below sea level). For in the desert, amenities are scarce--need I say more?

This also could be a good time to take in some of the other sites in Death Valley, including the Devil's Golf Course (the salty remains of Death Valley's last lake) and, one of my personal favorites, Artists Palette (an amalgamation of colorful minerals on display in the rock).

While more flowers presently are blooming everyday, I was reminded that as living things they are susceptible to heat and wind--both of which can cut the blooming season short, especially here. So, if you want to witness Death Valley in full living color as I did, don't delay. Pack your camera and go!

- Tammy

Before you plan your trip out, visit: nps.gov/deva/learn/nature/wildflower-update-2016.htm

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