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Sunday, March 6, 2011

TRR TIP: How to Personalize Your Decor with Text

While attending WPPI last month, fellow photographer Kay Eskridge of Scottsdale gave me a "girlfriend gift" by telling me about WiseDecor.

WiseDecor allows you to personalize your spaces with hand-painted looking letters, words and quotes for your walls and more.  A wonderful alternative to wooden letters and letter stencils, these individually cut letters come in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors.  I recently embellished the accent wall in my office/gallery space as seen here with a ready-made line from WiseDecor.  Further, I've already suggested similar treatments to complement the portrait displays of my clients.  Whether that be a room in the home or office, the possibilities are endless!

What's more, it's easy to do and there's no mess.  I, however, strongly recommend you enlist the assistance of another if you attempt something as large as I did--110 inches!  Note: My wall is heavily textured and the lettering still adhered to it.

For more info and some great decorator ideas, visit www.wisedecor.com for yourself.  And here's my girlfriend gift to you: With every order placed this month (March 2011), WiseDecor will send you "Bliss" FREE!

- Tammy