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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Selling Sexy

How's that saying go? The only constant is change? This certainly has been true of my photography business since I began in 2003--back in the darkroom days.

Some of you will even recall a time when my specialty was boudoir photography. I went so far as to even create a separate brand for the genre (see LOVE stamp logo above). At the time, the letyoursexyout.com website was the perfect showcase for the sexy side of TRR Photography and allowed me to keep this imagery separate from my more G-rated work. It also kept my male executive clients from getting into trouble at work when attempting to view their professional headshot galleries. lol

While Let Your Sexy Out (LYSO) once served a beneficial function within my photography business, that time has passed. In fact, just earlier today, I permanently removed what had remained of Let Your Sexy Out in the form of the WordPress blog (by the same name) from the world wide web.

Actual Client in Promo Image for Let Your Sexy Out - The Sexy Side of TRR Photography
Thus, I am now offering letyoursexyout.com for sale--and not necessarily to a photographer. LYSO could also be put to good use by a boutique lingerie shop owner, adult novelty retailer, or the like. So, while my business model has changed, I hope to see this domain name take on a new life apart from TRR Photography. After all, change can be sexy too.

- Tammy

For more information on how to acquire Let Your Sexy Out, the domain, please feel free to contact me. Terms are negotiable.  

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