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Thank you for visiting. I think you will find my blog posts as varied as my photographic and personal interests--a few of which I hope also appeal you. - Tammy Russell-Rice CPP

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from All of Us at TRR Photography

I don't know about you, but I suddenly feel the urge to watch The Polar Express!

No matter how you and yours celebrate the season, may it be filled with love and magic.

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Cards for Ewoks and You - Featuring Summerwind Canines

Summerwind Canines Holiday Card by TRR Photography

They may look like Ewoks, but these are actually Keeshond puppies.  When long-time clients, Jean Gauchat-Hargis and Joshua Hargis, informed me they had a new litter on the ground, I replied, Can you say this year's holiday card image?  

Jean and Josh are dog fanciers and their breed of choice is the Keeshond.  They, however, do not only show Kees.  The duo owns Summerwind Canines & Presentation and serve as the principal dog show handlers in the operation.

Jean, who grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, came to dog shows through a 4-H program in her youth, and has been going strong ever since.  Josh, however, married into the world of purebred dogs.  Fortunately for him, he had a good teacher and loves the dogs.
The icing on the cake came, most recently, for them when Jean went Best In Show with a Kees of their own breeding (see ad by TRR Photography inset).  Believe me when I say that for a breeder/owner/handler, it doesn't get any better!

Here's hoping this litter produces yet another big winner.  Congratulations!

- Tammy

P.S. - For more info on custom holiday cards by TRR Photography, just give me a bark.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There's a New Marshall in Nevada

Robert E. Marshall, Esq. by TRR Photography

There's a new Marshall in Nevada...

Robert E. Marshall, Esq. takes the reins of the Nevada Justice Association as its 35th President.  As such, he will head-up the statewide professional association, including its independent members and northern and southern offices, and otherwise further its mission of representing consumers and improving the civil justice system.

As a native of southern Nevada and third generation attorney, he certainly knows the territory and is well-equipped to handle the job.  In his own law practice, Mr. Marshall routinely takes on both large and small personal injury and insurance bad faith cases.  He has been known to say, he will stand alone before a jury of his peers and take his chances any day!
TRR Photography wishes Mr. Marshall the best of luck in his new roll as NJA President and thanks the association for the opportunity to make his acquaintance and create this fitting portrait of the man--no badges needed.

- Tammy  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet NEW AKC Grand Champion Stoneypoint Springbank Aurora

Skye Resting on Her Laurels - Portrait by TRR Photography

While many of you may be familiar with the American Kennel Club and its conformation shows whereby canines compete to become "Champions," you may not know that once "finished" these champs can go on to become "Grand Champions."

Admittedly, when I first heard a novice dog fancier speak of the title, I thought he had his four-legged creatures crossed.  After all, everyone knows horses--not dogs--may become Grand Champs.  I, however, soon learned better.

Initiated in May of 2010, this program is a relatively new one.  It was created to give dog owners, breeders and handlers a greater opportunity to compete and otherwise show off their breeding stock.  When I actively showed my own dogs, it was not uncommon for AKC Champions to be retired as soon as the title was bestowed--never to be seen in the ring again.

While the program has not been without its critics, I am pleased to see these dog folk and their canines continuing to enjoy the sport.  After all, AKC Companion and Performance events offer multiple titles at various levels of competition.

So, it is without further adieu that I tip my hat to NEW Grand Champion Stoneypoint Springbank Aurora (pictured here) and her owner Brent Seymour of Springbank Collies on their grand achievement.  You, however, may simply call her, "Skye."

- Tammy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Engagement Session - Five Tips from TRR Photography to Keep Him Engaged and Happy Too!

Nicole and Shannon Celebrate their Engagement in McKinley Park

As most of you know, I do not shoot weddings, but I love engagement sessions!  Fortunately for me, more and more couples are looking for someone who can create a nice portrait to display at the wedding reception and in their home long after the formal wedding portrait comes down off the wall.  That's where a certified portrait artist, like me, comes in.

I actually approach engagement sessions in much the same way I prepare for boudoir sessions.  After all, what's more sexy than a couple in love?  Yes, I even recommend hair and makeup specialists for the betrothed if they so desire.  The goal is to have my couples looking and feeling their best!  Unfortunately, most guys look at engagement sessions like going to the dentist--a necessary evil.

On that note, here's TRR Photography's Top Five Tips for keeping your man engaged in a successful engagement session--and one that won't leave him wanting to elope!

1)  Location, Location, Location - First and foremost the location ought to be meaningful to both of you, or at least reflect your personalities and/or style.  Consider incorporating activities or places that you enjoy together.  Seen here, Nicole and Shannon knew from the start that they wanted to be photographed in nostalgic McKinley Park, Sacramento.  The couple share a home nearby and already have many fond memories of times past in the park--a real plus for me as their photographer!  What's more, Shannon says, he's just a regular guy (who usually dons a baseball cap).  So, staging an engagement session for these two in a studio or more formal outdoor setting would likely have resulted in a lot of awkward images. 

2)  What Not to Wear - You are not twins, so there's no need to "match."  As a couple, however, you will want to complement each other.  Odds are that you already do this naturally, thus the real reason you are getting married.  Likewise, you should both wear something new.  After all, his old threads will look, well, old and worn in the images and, "no," Photoshop can't "fix it."  Make your man more comfortable in his new clothes by laundering (and pressing if necessary) them before the session.  This way, they will feel broken in, but still have that fresh look. 

3)  On Salon/Spa Treatments - Ladies, I know there is no need to ask you twice, but guys usually do not want to get a manicure.  This, however, is an engagement session and you will want to show off the engagement ring.  And, nothing will detract more than hands in need of grooming, his included.  So, I suggest scheduling a couple's massage treatment the day before that just happens to include the mani.  At the very least, you both will be relaxed and feeling good for the upcoming session.  Bonus Tip: If you already have been wearing your engagement ring for six months or more, take it to a jeweler for cleaning to add sparkle to your images! 

4)  Pack a Survival Kit - This is especially important for location shoots where services may be some distance away.  My engagement sessions generally run two hours.  Even so, you will be surprised at how parched you can get walking around outside with a big smile on your face in that amount of time.  Your kit (I like those soft-sided lunch boxes, complete with Blue Ice) ought to include: two bottled waters (or his/her favorite energy drinks), frozen grapes (or other refreshing snack that won't stay behind on your teeth), compressed translucent face powder (to combat unwanted shine), Brush/Comb, Chapstick (to keep your man's lips kissable), and a couple Band-Aids (especially if shooting in a rose garden like Nicole and Shannon).

and last, but not least,

5)  The "Thank You" Note - Photo shoots can be stressful, especially for the guys.  Further, shooting for two hours may feel like running a marathon to your man.  Just before your session starts, slip him a handwritten note or text message that simply says, I love you.  Believe me, it will do wonders for his attitude and serve as a reminder that you do not take him for granted.  Above all else, have fun like Nicole and Shannon did--and you will love your images too.

Congratulations again Nicole and Shannon on your engagement!

- Tammy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Experience in Maternity Photography - Ultra-Maternity Fusion

Ultra-Maternity Fusion by TRR Photography

Tired of ho hum maternity images?  I know I am.  As they say, if you've seen one baby bump, well, you have seen them all.  That is, until now.

Thanks to recent advancements in ultrasound technology and digital photography, TRR Photography can combine these two mediums in a new and very personal way for our maternity clients.  Featuring a 3D image of your baby's face from a Miracle In Progress, I interpret and artistically transform a traditional maternity portrait into something very special for moms and dads to be.  I call it "Ultra-Maternity Fusion."

Ultra-Maternity Fusion portraits (as shown here) make great covers for baby announcements or baby's first year books.  They also make wonderful art pieces for the nursery--something you could not do with the 4x5 slip of paper that comes out of an ultrasound machine!

For more information on these uniquely beautiful maternity portraits, or to schedule a maternity session for yourself, please contact me at trrphotography@lasvegas.net.

- Tammy

P.S. - Congratulations Adam and Julianne on the arrival of Scarlett Stone at 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 18.5 inches long.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Gala Honorees of the Nevada Justice Association

Cover Design and Portrait of Joe Benson by Tammy Russell-Rice, CPP

To quote the Executive Director of the Nevada Justice Association, Victoria Coolbaugh, "One of NJA's biggest, most important events of the year is the Annual Summer Gala."  And, once again, yours truly was asked to create a cover suitable to the occasion featuring this year's honorees.

Each of these individuals has positively contributed to our justice system and is being honored for such:

Consumer Advocate of the Year
Assemblywoman Debbie Smith

Trial Lawyer of the Year
Matthew L. Sharp, Esq.


Lifetime Achievement
Joseph L. Benson, Esq.
Originally, Victoria and I had envisioned photographing the honorees together in Carson City on the grounds of the Nevada Supreme Court.  When that did not work out, I suggested the next best thing: a composite using their individual portraits.  The real challenge here was marrying together the work of three photographers shot under different lighting conditions.  All things considered, however, I think it turned out quite well, don't you?

For more info on the honorees or tickets for the Reno Gala (6/28) or Las Vegas Gala (6/30), please contact the main NJA office 775-883-3577.   - Tammy

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Professional Photographer Magazine 2011 Cover Contest

It's cover contest time!  The PPA and I invite you to VOTE for your favorite images, which I hope will include my portrait of "Troy" (pictured here). 

To vote, you will be asked to create a login.  Once in, you may pass judgment upon as many images as you like: the good, the bad and the ugly.  Voting takes the form of a star system: One star = Not so great thru Five stars = Excellent.  Not only is this entertaining, but just for playing you will be entered to WIN an iPod 2!

So, here's the link: Professional Photographer Magazine 2011 Cover Contest

To go directly to my entry, search: Tammy Russell-Rice and Troy will pop up.  Or, peruse ALL of the images posted at your leisure--some 200-plus pages of them.  The last time I looked, Troy could be found on page 196.  So, don't try to do this while driving!

- Tammy

Monday, May 9, 2011

Go Grande or Venti - Anything but Tall when Hanging Photographic Prints on a Wall

Maybe it stems from our days at the traditional photo lab (before digital cameras and the home ink jet printer), where production of 4x6 inch prints were the norm, but somewhere along the line we were conditioned to think of an 8x10 photograph as "large."

Needless to say, times have changed and the idea of hanging an 8x10 print--even if matted and framed--on the wall is tantamount to sticking a postage stamp on it!  Better suited for tabletop or desk displays, anything 8x10 or less should be seen as a "gift print" aka small, or to put it in Starbucks speak: a tall.

When considering wall displays, think grande--not tall.  This may be anything from an 11x14 to 20x24.  Although, I would caution that even an 11x14 requires matting and framing to approach a finished size closer to 16x20, especially if intended for hanging as a solitary image.  This, however, should not be interpreted to mean alone.  I am a big fan of wall and mantle groupings.  These may include: mirrors, signs (as seen here) and small architectural elements.  When done well, such displays create a remarkable focal point for any room.  The sample above simply and elegantly features two 16x20 canvas gallery wraps by TRR Photography with a small plaque/sign for added warmth.  Note: This was done in a small space.

More often than not, modern homes feature high vaulted ceilings or walls that actually "break" the second floor to reveal the living space above.  These spaces call for a "venti"!  To translate, that means 24x30 or larger.  In fact, most professional labs today routinely produce pieces as large as 30x45.

I, however, am not telling you anything new.  After all, if you were to purchase any other genre of art to display on a wall in your home, odds are it would not be 8x10.  So, why would you ever hang an 8x10 photographic print?  I'm just sayin', it's time to rethink our notion of "large."  

- Tammy  

P.S. - Thank you Shauna Mama for allowing me to share your display with my readers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Putting the Boudoir Back in Boudoir Photography

The Suite Life

Why is it that we rarely take advantage of the attractions and amenities our home towns offer?  I grew up in Sacramento, but never rode a raft down the American River. When I lived in Memphis, I never visited Graceland.  And although I moved to Las Vegas in 1996, I never saw Sigfried or Roy before the show closed...

While sitting in a class on bridal boudoir recently, I vowed (no pun intended) to change this pattern of behavior and encourage my female clients to do the same.  How you ask?  Answer: Location sessions at hotels on The Strip.  With so many upscale properties from which to choose, why not?  After all, they are professionally decorated and offer more options for creating unique images than what you or I could concoct at home.  What's more, there's no need to clean house first! 

Armed with just a small "torch-light," 4'x6' silver reflector and on-camera flash (to bounce from the ceiling), I created the image seen here at one of our lovely hotels on The Strip. For me personally, just getting out of my studio was a pleasant change of pace.  Moreover, it allowed me to put the boudoir back into my boudoir photography. 

So ladies, whether you live here, or are planning a trip to Vegas, think about letting your sexy out your way by booking a room to fit your personal style.  Then, visit www.letyoursexyout.com for more information on scheduling your own boudoir session.

- Tammy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

TRR TIP: How to Personalize Your Decor with Text

While attending WPPI last month, fellow photographer Kay Eskridge of Scottsdale gave me a "girlfriend gift" by telling me about WiseDecor.

WiseDecor allows you to personalize your spaces with hand-painted looking letters, words and quotes for your walls and more.  A wonderful alternative to wooden letters and letter stencils, these individually cut letters come in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors.  I recently embellished the accent wall in my office/gallery space as seen here with a ready-made line from WiseDecor.  Further, I've already suggested similar treatments to complement the portrait displays of my clients.  Whether that be a room in the home or office, the possibilities are endless!

What's more, it's easy to do and there's no mess.  I, however, strongly recommend you enlist the assistance of another if you attempt something as large as I did--110 inches!  Note: My wall is heavily textured and the lettering still adhered to it.

For more info and some great decorator ideas, visit www.wisedecor.com for yourself.  And here's my girlfriend gift to you: With every order placed this month (March 2011), WiseDecor will send you "Bliss" FREE!

- Tammy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

VNC - They're Back!

Back in Vegas for a beauty supply industry trade show last month, VNC Sales & Marketing with its the 21 sales reps, 6 administrative staff, education director and marketing director was well represented.

VNC is amongst the leading manufacturers' rep organizations in the industry.  The company covers all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, selling everything from lip gloss to salon equipment through various channels of distribution.  Note: I keep waiting for a goodie bag of samples.

The two founding members, Kevin Van Nest (Pictured Third from L) and Charlie Coleman (Pictured Fifth from L) have several decades of industry experience between them and continue to grow their organization to meet the needs of the manufacturers they represent as well as their distributors.  I, however, am here to tell you that this group also knows how to have fun!

With all the team members back together, Marketing Director Chairsse Solomon (Pictured Center) called upon TRR Photography once again to create new images for the VNC website: www.vncsales.com.  "In an effort to loosen up her subjects, our trusted photographer, Tammy Russell-Rice encouraged them to let down their guard and in doing so, captured some great candid moments as seen here, said Solomon.  We thank Tammy for always making us look good, even when we are acting silly!"

Actually, it is I who owes VNC my thanks and gratitude for their trust and repeat business.  Here's looking forward to our next session together--and some free samples!

- Tammy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cane Corso Puppies by Cirino - Captured by TRR Photography

You've already met "Cirino," in this blog (see 11/24/10 post).  I, however, did not tell you that Cirino actually is the first of his breed to be awarded an AKC Championship title.  And, now, he adds yet another to his name: stud dog.

Making its debut here at eight-weeks, I am tickled to present this baby book excerpt of Cirino's first litter.  Actually, there are ten pups in all: four boys and six girls.  Although, as you can see from the image on the left, I was lucky to get as many as I did in one shot!   

The Cane Corso is a strong and intelligent working breed.  As a dedicated breeder and the Master of Campo Cane Corso, Rich Hudgens will be the first to tell you that "if you are buying a Corso for color or status, you are putting the cart before the horse.  Be careful, he warns. Choosing a Corso for the wrong reason(s) can spell disaster."  For those who take the time to educate themselves, however, this breed can be a wonderful and loyal family member. 

For more info on this kennel and the breed in general, please visit: www.campocanecorsos.com.