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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Families, Fun & Fotos Go Together at TRR Photography

The Bashy Family by TRR Photography

It seems the holidays come and go faster with each passing year.  Inevitably, some of the things we aim to do, just do not get done.  For me, it was my annual missive.  To ensure my cards were received before the new year began, I had to punt on the letter--a holiday tradition of mine since 1989.  The good news for me is that I will have all the more to tell when the holidays roll around again.

Unfortunately, some of you punted on your annual family portrait.  And unlike the written words that form my holiday letter, once your children are a year older there's no going back to create a photograph (Photoshop has its limits).  The good news for you is that you need not wait until the holidays come again to update your family portrait.

Here at TRR Photography, family fun can be had anytime.*  The combination of mild Las Vegas winters and a studio space makes for more options in creating unique family portraits.  What's more, we practice our own kind of family fun here:

F = Families

U = Unleashed

N = Nevada-style!

It's one tradition we keep all year-round.  For more information on the studio, visit TRR Photography.

Happy New Year!

- Tammy      

* Mention this post and receive our special holiday package pricing too.