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Thursday, September 10, 2015

See The Difference

See The Difference a Professional Photographer Can Make for YOU! Actual Client: Amy Lubawy
"The Drape" is dead.

As the mother of a recent high school graduate, I know firsthand just how much has changed since I was a senior sitting on a posing stool in the one-size-fits-all for girls simply called, the drape. However, some things do not change. Hippie attire apparently is still IN--who knew? And while taking pictures is more popular than ever, selfies are not portraits.

"Selfies" may have become this generation's normal (fad), but let's face it, selfies are rarely flattering. The lens distortion alone turns most people into caricatures of themselves. Not exactly the look that teens, especially young ladies, want to show-off beyond Snapchat.

If anything, today's high school seniors are very image conscious (probably due to all those bad selfies). And, this is where the professional photographer comes into the picture. After all, when her iPhone acts up, she goes to the Genius Bar for results. When she decides to go ombre, she's not asking her BFF to give her a color and cut--she's going to see a pro!  

My real challenge as a certified professional photographer is educating my senior clients to See The Difference in photography too!

Because while some things inevitably change about being a senior in high school, quality never goes out of style. Go pro and show the world who you really are!

- Tammy
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