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Friday, June 15, 2012

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest

Snooki as a Cover Girl - One part feminine, one part fierce!

There's just something about this image that I find irresistible.  Maybe it's her gaze and body language, or how she appears to be coming out of the photo, but one thing is certain, this Cane Corso puppy named Snooki exudes breed type.

I know I am not alone on this feeling as it has been suggested more than once, that I ought to submit this portrait of Snooki to a purebred calendar company.  I, however, did one better!  

You said cover girl--and I listened.  When entry submissions for the annual cover contest of Professional Photographer magazine opened, I entered Snooki!

Although here's the best part, you are encouraged to "Rate My Cover Photo" and any other images submitted for consideration.  Using a 5-Star system with 1 = Not So Great to 5 = Excellent, images are then sorted with the Top Ranked featured on the home page.  So, I invite you to use the link below to login and VOTE for Snooki.

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest

If you like me enjoy photography, you just may want to sit a spell and peruse the lot!  New photos are being added everyday.  Image submissions and your votes will be accepted through August 31st.

- Tammy