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Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank You and Good Luck Angelina - We will miss you!

Angelina sits in for test shots prior to a client session.

Here at TRR Photography, we take great pride in our associates and the jobs they perform to keep the studio running smoothly.  This is especially true of my assistants during portrait sessions.  Having an able assistant present not only helps to keep things rolling and clients comfortable, but gives me an additional pair of eyes on the set.

A favorite amongst my family clients, Miss Angelina Diaz has definitely filled that bill.  Alas, it is with sadness that we bid her farewell.  She will be moving to Southern California at the end of the month with her family.  There she will continue her high school education and hopefully her singing as a member of her new school's choir.
Having known Angelina since she was a Kindergartner, I can't help but feel I am losing much more than an assistant.  I know my clients will miss her too.  Nevertheless, I also am excited for the Diaz family and the new opportunities this move is sure to bring.

So, it is with a happy heart that I say, thank you and good luck Angelina!

- Tammy