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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Celebrating 10 Years in Business

One of Only 200 PPA Members in Nevada
This Thanksgiving, I (we) have much to be thankful for as this year marks TRR Photography's 10th Year in business.  My associates and I seriously wouldn't be here without you, so we wanted to say, Thank You, to our clients, partners, and vendors (past and present) for shaping the studio and the resulting imagery into what it is today.

Some of our current clients actually started with me as "models" for photography class assignments before I even turned pro.  For fear of overlooking anyone, I will not attempt to post names here.  Suffice to say, I take great pride in being the best I can be and just wanted to acknowledge those of you who have been a part of the journey to date.

Here's looking forward to the next 10!

Best wishes, Tammy & Associates

Thursday, October 10, 2013

30 Years on the Air and In Our Lives

Kurt Mische, President & CEO KNPB, Reno
Tonight the staff and friends of the PBS affiliate station, KNPB TV, are celebrating!  In addition to honoring Gail and John Sande III at the annual "Aged to Perfection" gala, this years' event also kicks off the 30th Anniversary of the Reno station on the air and in our lives. 

President and CEO Kurt Mische (pictured) tells me that he will be joined by National PBS President and CEO, Paula Kerger, at the Silver Legacy to mark this milestone of bringing free, high-quality and educational programming to all in the greater Northern Nevada area. 

I, however, also know that tonight is personal triumph of sorts for my friends, Kurt and his wife Judy, who have both made professional and personal sacrifices to get to this high point--dedicating years of service to the advancement of public broadcasting.  And, I just wanted to take this opportunity before the gala to say, Thank You, for enriching our lives on a daily basis.

For more information, on the gala or the station please visit www.knpb.org.

Happy 30th Anniversary to ALL,

- Tammy

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So What is a Beach Day?

Black Pot Beach in Hanalei - Surfboards at the Ready
While many of you know that I go to Kauai as often as I am able, namely to make sure my vacation rental is still standing, I also go for the beaches.  And, my favorites can be found in the expanse of Hanalei Bay.

So, for our last day on island this month, my husband and I headed down to Hanalei for what turned out to be a three-ring circus around the pier.  Taking place within a stone's throw of each other was the start/finish for a canoe race, a sand castle contest, and (as I would later learn) KORE's monthly beach day.

A friend of ours was actually racing which meant we needed to be at Black Pot Beach early that morning, or what I would call early for a day at the beach.  While waiting for the men's and women's six-person canoe teams to assemble for the customary prayer and kick-off, a rainbow of surfboards at the shoreline caught my photographer eye.  As I turned my lens to the geometric pattern, unbeknown to me, another had locked her eyes on my camera.  Spying a red-orange caution cone in my frame, I looked up from my camera and moved to temporarily relocate it.  Just as I reached for it, a very enthusiastic young woman made her presence known saying, "I can help you," as she quickly picked up the cone.  Her excitement was plain to see as I acknowledged the assist and proceeded to photograph the colorful boards in the sand.

KORE Volunteer and Participant
I may have clicked my shutter all of twice before my new friend said something to me again.  While I did not catch all of it, it was apparent that she wanted me to take her picture.  And before I could actually say, yes, she darted off?  Within minutes, however, she was back with a man in tow (a KORE volunteer).  With his help, my friend was able to raise a board and happily pose for my camera.  Her delight in that moment was simply infectious (see inset).

Not to take away from the efforts of the canoe racers or sand castle builders on this misty morning, but this chance encounter was the highlight of my beach day and introduced me to the wonderful non-profit organization that is the Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience--all thanks to my new friend and the magic that is photography.

- Mahalo, Tammy    

About KORE
Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience (KORE) is designed to help those who are physically challenged and/or have special needs, to get back into the ocean with the assistance of trained professionals.  KORE's Beach Days have grown into a monthly event which now boasts over 400 participants and volunteers working together to make the beach accessible to all.     

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Way to Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer and Help Canines in Need

DOG TIRED - Newborn Cane Corso Puppies
The Dog Days of Summer are here! 

As the temps continue to rise outside, a lot of us are hitting the pool, shade or just sittin' back under a ceiling fan with our best friend--our dog.

Here at TRR Photography we are celebrating the Dog Days of Summer by offering you, our readers, the opportunity to have your dog photographed in our comfortable air conditioned studio.  Between now and August 16--the feast day of Saint Roch, the patron saint of dogs--we are offering a limited number of Gift Certificates good for an introductory 20-minute pet portrait session* which will include one 8x10 print and a JPEG copy for your favorite social media site.  In exchange, we ask that you bring us a 20lb bag of dry dog food to be donated to Adopt A Rescue Pet in your name. 

To receive your Dog Days of Summer gift certificate, please write trrphotography@lasvegas.net.  In the subject line, use Dog Days and be sure to include your mailing address and telephone number.

In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of your summer, but: Be tuff! The dog days of summer can be wuff!

- Tammy

* Sessions must take place by September 30, 2013.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TRR Photography Partners with Photobiz to Launch a New and Improved Studio Website

For those of you paying attention, my March blog post did go by the wayside, but for good reason.  I was busy working on a new website.  Having outgrown the old one, I was tickled to meet the Photobiz team at a recent convention where I partnered with them on the spot!

Powered by a passionate and patient support team, I am happy to announce that the studio's new and improved Photobiz website: www.trrphotography.com is now up and running!  And for the first time, the website can be found and opened on any device you may use to surf the web.  No longer will the site appear as a blank page begging the question: Why?

I, personally, am very excited about the user-friendly operation of the new site and its clean look which allows my photography to take center stage.  What's more, as the administrator of the site, I have the ability to make changes as desired to keep the content fresh--no more waiting for days to change an image featured in the homepage slide show. 

Having cut my teeth on this site, I expect to also have the new website for Let Your Sexy Out live in the next week or two.  And, not to be left out of the makeover project, you may have noticed that this blog has a new look as well.  Now, I'm just left with my studio spring cleaning.  I wonder if the Photobiz team can offer me any solutions on this aspect of my business too.  : )

Until next month, Tammy

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bellies and Babies on Display

Once just pictures stuffed into a baby album after a maternity or newborn session, today's woman is turning a new page by creating wall displays with these images that go beyond nursery themes.

The sophisticated displays are produced on metal, featuring a high gloss or satin finish, and mounted to allow each piece to stand-out from the wall.  Ramona's collection of images shown here from two sessions, featuring three generations, was rendered this way with rounded corners, giving it a sculptural quality that is beautiful to behold.

While first year albums are still popular (at least for first born children), I really love the wall collection concept.  The configuration can be easily changed to keep it fresh, and new pieces may be added as the child grows or siblings come into the picture.  Additionally, metal prints are more durable than traditional photographic prints and may be ordered in wide range of sizes up to 43 x 96 inches!

For more info on metal prints and to see actual samples, please visit:

Family portrait sessions, pet sessions and more make for great metal art arrangements too.  Further, all make wonderful conversation pieces.  Metal wall collections are something to enjoy everyday--not just on those occasions when you might think to pull out the ol' album.

- Tammy

Congratulations Ramona on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who's Who in American Dogdom - Making the A-List

In the first-ever issue of ShowSight Magazine, Doll-McGinnis Enterprises published its lists of Who's Who in American Dogdom for 2013.  One list consists of professional handlers and the other features professional photographers and graphic artists--all of whom were deemed as providers of the best in dog show quality services across America.

Needless to say, learning that my name would appear on the A-List of top canine photographers was a proud moment for me.

I actually have been photographing dogs all my life.  And, I have been photographing show dogs from the time I was in high school, starting with my first show prospect--an Irish Setter named Erin.  While he never "finished," this experience proved to be the starting point of my love for the sport of purebred dogs. 

As a professional photographer, I find it takes more than photographic skill to create great images of dogs, especially purebred dogs.  While one need not be a graduate of the American Canine Education Foundation's Judges Institute as I am, it is important to have an understanding of basic canine conformation and behavior.  Additionally, a working knowledge of breed type and expression is a real plus!  After all, it's these nuances that truly make each portrait special to me and my clients. 

My thanks and appreciation goes out to all of my clients who have favored me with the pleasure of photographing their dogs, especially Jean Gauchat-Hargis of Summerwind Canines.  I'd also like to thank A.J. Arapovic of ShowSight for nominating me as a top photographer and graphic artist.  For this and more, I am honored--thank you!

- Tammy

Now accepting reservations for sessions at the shows in Scottsdale, AZ
February 28 - March 2