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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet NEW AKC Grand Champion Stoneypoint Springbank Aurora

Skye Resting on Her Laurels - Portrait by TRR Photography

While many of you may be familiar with the American Kennel Club and its conformation shows whereby canines compete to become "Champions," you may not know that once "finished" these champs can go on to become "Grand Champions."

Admittedly, when I first heard a novice dog fancier speak of the title, I thought he had his four-legged creatures crossed.  After all, everyone knows horses--not dogs--may become Grand Champs.  I, however, soon learned better.

Initiated in May of 2010, this program is a relatively new one.  It was created to give dog owners, breeders and handlers a greater opportunity to compete and otherwise show off their breeding stock.  When I actively showed my own dogs, it was not uncommon for AKC Champions to be retired as soon as the title was bestowed--never to be seen in the ring again.

While the program has not been without its critics, I am pleased to see these dog folk and their canines continuing to enjoy the sport.  After all, AKC Companion and Performance events offer multiple titles at various levels of competition.

So, it is without further adieu that I tip my hat to NEW Grand Champion Stoneypoint Springbank Aurora (pictured here) and her owner Brent Seymour of Springbank Collies on their grand achievement.  You, however, may simply call her, "Skye."

- Tammy