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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photoshop World Conference & Expo

Starting October 1st, you will find me at Mandalay Bay for three days of Photoshop, Photoshop and more Photoshop with the gods of the medium at Photoshop World. And with over 100 classes to choose from, it doesn't get any better than this!

Catering to professional photographers and graphic artists worldwide, this live learning experience is a must for anyone who uses Photoshop and wants to stay on the cutting-edge of the his/her craft. I only attended the expo last year, but vowed then not to make that same mistake twice. Don't get me wrong, there is something for every enthusiast at the tradeshow.

For those of you who are interested in attending the tradeshow, I'd be happy to get you a pass. Hobby photographers, in particular, will enjoy the show demos conducted on the floor each day of the conference.

With so many great classes offered, it may take me a couple days just to come up with a game plan for myself. Although, even for this task, the NAPP team has created a PDF to make the job easier--they think of everything. Now, if I could just find my "Gone Fishing" sign for the studio door...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It Starts - The CPP Process

Thinking that the portfolio review would be the easier of the two main components in the process for certification as a professional photographer, naturally, I started there. Boy, did I underestimate the hours that would go into preparing my 20 images for judging!

The image selections as I learned must reflect, in proportion, the types of photography the candidate shoots. So, first I had to figure out what it is that I do. My breakdown worked out as follows: 10% Advertising/Commercial, 20% Corporate/Industrial, and 70% Portrait. Crunching the numbers, however, was not the real challenge. It's what followed that had me pulling out my hair! The images to be submitted cannot include personal work which eliminated a boat load from being considered, including all my Kauai images. Further, the select images must be from 20 different job assignments and no two images may contain any of the same folks--even if they are repeat clients. And, here's the kicker: all work must have been completed within the last 24 months!

Thanks to the input of my PPA liaison, Master Photographer Sue Altenburg, I was able to take the next step and narrow down the remaining field of images. I also learned a few things along the way. Moreover, I was reminded of what makes a good image. This panel, after all, will not be judging my Photoshop skills, but what I can do with a camera and light.

Upon sizing the images as required and writing a Statement of Purpose for each, I finally was ready to upload the portfolio for review. The images are judged as a body of work. So, it's either sink or swim. I expect to learn how I fared by the end of next month. Now the hardest part of the image review phase begins--the waiting. If I'm smart, I'll make good use of the time and start studying for the 100 question written exam now!