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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eye Candy for Photographers - The Westcott Shootout

David as "Magic Mike" at the Westcott Shootout - By TRR Photography

Nothing signals the end of summer and beginning of Fall like Photoshop World and Expo here in Las Vegas.  A must attend event for image makers of all skill levels and genres, it's simply the best training on the planet (you thought I was going to say, world, didn't you?).

Always popular is the Shootout sponsored by Westcott Lighting Solutions on the Expo floor.  And this time, Westcott partnered with Canon to bring attendees live educational demos showcasing lighting techniques that may be used in our own studios.  Although, hands-down, the real attraction remains the various vignettes created for the Shootout competition.  Everything from backdrops to models to costumes to hair and makeup, and, of course, lighting are skillfully executed in the booths.  I especially enjoyed seeing and learning from the stylings of Shelley Giard.  Simply put, it's eye candy for photographers!

Kelly in Yellow at the Westcott Shootout - By Let Your Sexy Out - The Sexy Side of TRR Photography

While I usually only observe, this year I decided to participate in the Shootout as shown here.  After all, I just couldn't resist.  I like candy!

Thank you Westcott Lighting Solutions!

- Tammy