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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beautifying Our Community - One Company's Quest

For many family owned businesses, these are very trying times.  It's no longer business as usual.  Indeed, many have been forced to reinvent themselves, changing with the economy, as was the case for Blue and Green Outdoors.  Owner Tom Anderson says, "As a result, the company actually is thriving, even hiring!"  Not many companies can say the same, especially in the highly competitive field of landscape/pool design and maintenance.

Blue and Green Outdoors celebrated with a company-wide picnic last weekend at Lone Mountian Park.  Yours truly was the photographer for the event.  And an event it was, from the authentic Mexican food to the antics of Charlie the Clown, employees and their families, especially the kids enjoyed a picture-perfect day.

It also reminded me of what it means to be successful and the importance of celebrating family.  Kudos to the Anderson family on keeping it together and, in the process, beautifying our community in more ways than one.     

- Tammy