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Friday, May 16, 2008


As our final, students of the Las Vegas Document Class (see entry below) were each charged with creating a personal project for the book (to be released this summer). My project entitled, Dichotomies, is an exploration of visual metaphors associated with Las Vegas. In it, I have paired familiar subjects of the past and present together with a twist. From the defunct neon signage to the domesticated burro, the pieces invite comparison and contrast. This dichotomy is further stressed by the presentation of the images in the form of diptychs or variations thereof which depict, often ironically, what could be two sides of the same coin.

For a sneak preview of my project visit: http://www.sendtoprint.net/ Login: trr-lvdoc.

A special thanks to the Board of The Neon Museum in granting permission for the use of the images I created at The Boneyard for this book project. And, moreover, I'd like to thank my client-models for their indulgence.

Photo Credit for the image of me (top left) workin' Fremont Street goes to classmate and fellow photographyer Todd Miller--Thank You.

Call Me When You Have No Class

What started out as a short summer course in Basic Photography in 2002 has now come to fruition in the form of a degree. On May 19th, I will graduate from the College of Southern Nevada with a Certificate in Commerical Photography.

The faculty and students I have come to know at CSN have been both mentors and friends throughout my tenure there. And the photography classes of Professor Heather Protz, in particular, have allowed my passion for the art of photography to flourish. I always will be appreciative of her encouragement and mentoring.

For years now, Clayton's running joke has been "call me when you have no class." And now that I have achieved my goal, he may be the first to suggest that I consider a master's degree just to keep me out of his hair! Actually, Clayton has been my biggest supporter from the start. If not for him, I doubt that I would be a professional photographer today--with the credentials to boot!

Have I mentioned that I am graduating with honors? In fact, I made the Vice President's Academic List (GPA 3.90 - 3.99). As I have told Garrett, learning and growing is a life-long pursuit. And, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. So, I'll be tossing my cap high into the air come Monday night! Duck!