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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who's Who in American Dogdom - Making the A-List

In the first-ever issue of ShowSight Magazine, Doll-McGinnis Enterprises published its lists of Who's Who in American Dogdom for 2013.  One list consists of professional handlers and the other features professional photographers and graphic artists--all of whom were deemed as providers of the best in dog show quality services across America.

Needless to say, learning that my name would appear on the A-List of top canine photographers was a proud moment for me.

I actually have been photographing dogs all my life.  And, I have been photographing show dogs from the time I was in high school, starting with my first show prospect--an Irish Setter named Erin.  While he never "finished," this experience proved to be the starting point of my love for the sport of purebred dogs. 

As a professional photographer, I find it takes more than photographic skill to create great images of dogs, especially purebred dogs.  While one need not be a graduate of the American Canine Education Foundation's Judges Institute as I am, it is important to have an understanding of basic canine conformation and behavior.  Additionally, a working knowledge of breed type and expression is a real plus!  After all, it's these nuances that truly make each portrait special to me and my clients. 

My thanks and appreciation goes out to all of my clients who have favored me with the pleasure of photographing their dogs, especially Jean Gauchat-Hargis of Summerwind Canines.  I'd also like to thank A.J. Arapovic of ShowSight for nominating me as a top photographer and graphic artist.  For this and more, I am honored--thank you!

- Tammy

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