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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Putting the Boudoir Back in Boudoir Photography

The Suite Life

Why is it that we rarely take advantage of the attractions and amenities our home towns offer?  I grew up in Sacramento, but never rode a raft down the American River. When I lived in Memphis, I never visited Graceland.  And although I moved to Las Vegas in 1996, I never saw Sigfried or Roy before the show closed...

While sitting in a class on bridal boudoir recently, I vowed (no pun intended) to change this pattern of behavior and encourage my female clients to do the same.  How you ask?  Answer: Location sessions at hotels on The Strip.  With so many upscale properties from which to choose, why not?  After all, they are professionally decorated and offer more options for creating unique images than what you or I could concoct at home.  What's more, there's no need to clean house first! 

Armed with just a small "torch-light," 4'x6' silver reflector and on-camera flash (to bounce from the ceiling), I created the image seen here at one of our lovely hotels on The Strip. For me personally, just getting out of my studio was a pleasant change of pace.  Moreover, it allowed me to put the boudoir back into my boudoir photography. 

So ladies, whether you live here, or are planning a trip to Vegas, think about letting your sexy out your way by booking a room to fit your personal style.  Then, visit www.letyoursexyout.com for more information on scheduling your own boudoir session.

- Tammy