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Monday, July 20, 2009

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Question: What happens when you bring 21 top sales people and executives together in front of a camera while attending a trade convention in Las Vegas? Answer: You get some great blackmail material--I mean outtakes!

The team members of VNC Sales, a major beauty supply distributor representing all 50 states, were in town for their annual industry convention this week. "It's the only time of year when they are together in one place, noted Charisse Solomon, Director of Marketing. So, what better time to have executive portraits created, especially as the company's new website is under construction."

While our session did begin at 8 am, it did not take much (once the coffee kicked-in) for all involved to get into the spirit of things. For VNC Sales, it was like old home week. Playing on the good feelings and camaraderie that prevailed, my assistant and I could not have asked for a better gig. What's more, as seen here, they obviously enjoyed it too!