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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So What is a Beach Day?

Black Pot Beach in Hanalei - Surfboards at the Ready
While many of you know that I go to Kauai as often as I am able, namely to make sure my vacation rental is still standing, I also go for the beaches.  And, my favorites can be found in the expanse of Hanalei Bay.

So, for our last day on island this month, my husband and I headed down to Hanalei for what turned out to be a three-ring circus around the pier.  Taking place within a stone's throw of each other was the start/finish for a canoe race, a sand castle contest, and (as I would later learn) KORE's monthly beach day.

A friend of ours was actually racing which meant we needed to be at Black Pot Beach early that morning, or what I would call early for a day at the beach.  While waiting for the men's and women's six-person canoe teams to assemble for the customary prayer and kick-off, a rainbow of surfboards at the shoreline caught my photographer eye.  As I turned my lens to the geometric pattern, unbeknown to me, another had locked her eyes on my camera.  Spying a red-orange caution cone in my frame, I looked up from my camera and moved to temporarily relocate it.  Just as I reached for it, a very enthusiastic young woman made her presence known saying, "I can help you," as she quickly picked up the cone.  Her excitement was plain to see as I acknowledged the assist and proceeded to photograph the colorful boards in the sand.

KORE Volunteer and Participant
I may have clicked my shutter all of twice before my new friend said something to me again.  While I did not catch all of it, it was apparent that she wanted me to take her picture.  And before I could actually say, yes, she darted off?  Within minutes, however, she was back with a man in tow (a KORE volunteer).  With his help, my friend was able to raise a board and happily pose for my camera.  Her delight in that moment was simply infectious (see inset).

Not to take away from the efforts of the canoe racers or sand castle builders on this misty morning, but this chance encounter was the highlight of my beach day and introduced me to the wonderful non-profit organization that is the Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience--all thanks to my new friend and the magic that is photography.

- Mahalo, Tammy    

About KORE
Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience (KORE) is designed to help those who are physically challenged and/or have special needs, to get back into the ocean with the assistance of trained professionals.  KORE's Beach Days have grown into a monthly event which now boasts over 400 participants and volunteers working together to make the beach accessible to all.