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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eye Candy for Photographers - The Westcott Shootout

David as "Magic Mike" at the Westcott Shootout - By TRR Photography

Nothing signals the end of summer and beginning of Fall like Photoshop World and Expo here in Las Vegas.  A must attend event for image makers of all skill levels and genres, it's simply the best training on the planet (you thought I was going to say, world, didn't you?).

Always popular is the Shootout sponsored by Westcott Lighting Solutions on the Expo floor.  And this time, Westcott partnered with Canon to bring attendees live educational demos showcasing lighting techniques that may be used in our own studios.  Although, hands-down, the real attraction remains the various vignettes created for the Shootout competition.  Everything from backdrops to models to costumes to hair and makeup, and, of course, lighting are skillfully executed in the booths.  I especially enjoyed seeing and learning from the stylings of Shelley Giard.  Simply put, it's eye candy for photographers!

Kelly in Yellow at the Westcott Shootout - By Let Your Sexy Out - The Sexy Side of TRR Photography

While I usually only observe, this year I decided to participate in the Shootout as shown here.  After all, I just couldn't resist.  I like candy!

Thank you Westcott Lighting Solutions!

- Tammy                 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Facebook Friday Sessions - "LIKE"


We just love seeing photos we have created of you posted on Facebook.  So, TRR Photography is holding Facebook Friday Sessions for the entire month of September.  These mini sessions include:

* your choice of a backdrop
* your best side
* and, your BEST FRIEND is welcome too! 

For more details, see the flyer posted here.  We hope you "LIKE" this and will take us up on our special offer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

These Circle Frames Will Make Your Head Spin!

Circle Frame and Portrait by TRR Photography

It's not often that a new photographic product comes along and captures my imagination the way these circle frames do.  Using any image, any design, I can create something truly outside of the box!

Manufactured exclusively by our lab, the circle frames are 3" wide and have black painted edges.  They come with a keyhole slot and pilot holes to maximize mounting options.  I, personally, think ribbon makes for a stylish option as shown below. 

As though that were not enough, eight different sizes are currently available ranging from 6" to 24."  Matting also is available with a choice of colors and widths.  Shown in the example above is a 20" circle frame with 2" black mat over a 16" mounted metallic portrait print.  This particular piece was actually on display at the Annual Gala of the Nevada Justice Association last month where it created quite the buzz.  Unfortunately, my snapshot doesn't do it justice.  What can I say, I am not a product photographer.

In short, these circle frames will make your head spin!  They certainly are one of my favorite new products in the studio.  Mention this blog post and you will receive complimentary matting (single or double) and ribbon on your order.  Offer good at TRR Photography thru 12/31/12.

- Tammy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest

Snooki as a Cover Girl - One part feminine, one part fierce!

There's just something about this image that I find irresistible.  Maybe it's her gaze and body language, or how she appears to be coming out of the photo, but one thing is certain, this Cane Corso puppy named Snooki exudes breed type.

I know I am not alone on this feeling as it has been suggested more than once, that I ought to submit this portrait of Snooki to a purebred calendar company.  I, however, did one better!  

You said cover girl--and I listened.  When entry submissions for the annual cover contest of Professional Photographer magazine opened, I entered Snooki!

Although here's the best part, you are encouraged to "Rate My Cover Photo" and any other images submitted for consideration.  Using a 5-Star system with 1 = Not So Great to 5 = Excellent, images are then sorted with the Top Ranked featured on the home page.  So, I invite you to use the link below to login and VOTE for Snooki.

Professional Photographer Magazine 2012 Cover Contest

If you like me enjoy photography, you just may want to sit a spell and peruse the lot!  New photos are being added everyday.  Image submissions and your votes will be accepted through August 31st.

- Tammy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Senior Sessions - Always an Adventure

Getting Her Feet Wet - On location at Lake Las Vegas with TRR Photography

There's nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to spark the creative juices.  For me, that recently entailed a high school senior and location shoot at Lake Las Vegas.  The idea was hers.

For those of you who don't know, the master-planned community is closer to Lake Mead than Las Vegas, so if you go, plan ahead.  Although, when it comes to location shooting, there's a limit as to the amount of planning you can or ought to do.  This is true for amateur and pro photographers alike.

After all, senior sessions should be an adventure.  I, personally, prefer to let them unfold before my lens much like my subject's young life is opening for her.  While I never go into a session without a tentative game plan, I find that my favorite images usually are those that present themselves unannounced.  And, with a willing subject like Hailey (shown here), there is opportunity for great image making at every turn.  Even the ordinary can become the extraordinary--and isn't that what photography really is about?

Imagine all your tomorrows as empty pages
you can fill any way you desire.
Imagine the future you want,
and believe that you have what it takes to
create the wonderful life you deserve...
Because you do.
Just be yourself,
and you're sure to succeed.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012

- Tammy  

To my fellow photographers reading this who usually do not shoot seniors, I highly recommend that you adopt one for the day and get your feet wet.  I promise you will return from the session with a fresh perspective on the world and your work.  Thank you, Hailey!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Got Samples?

ArteDecor Books by TRR Photography

I admit that when it comes to studio samples, I just may be one of the worst photographers in Southern Nevada--maybe the whole northern hemisphere.  While TRR Photography is a full service studio, we also are a boutique studio and display space is limited.   

I am further hampered as a neat freak when it comes to albums as I do not care to have a lot of sample books strewn around.  So, this month, I thought I would show you a photo!

Pictured here are samples of our press printed books.  In addition to beautiful book designs and customizable pages, the hardcover ArteDecor book sets the standard with custom cover etching, a slick dust jacket and a sturdy gift box.  Further, our 20-page lay-flat book features up to 25 images!  In short, it's a complete package.  Priced at just $575 for the first copy, or two for $775, this press printed book offers the value minded client an alternative to our Simplicity and Exclusive Albums.  Also, please take notice, these are nice books.

MOTHER'S DAY is Sunday, May 13

For more information on creating your own custom book and family keepsake, please come see me.  Just do not expect to see a sample of the book.  ; )

- Tammy

P.S. - Thank you to the Fullmer/Graham family for making this "sample" possible.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Nevada Dog Guide is BACK!

TRR Photography Display Ad in The Nevada Dog Guide

It's back!  The Nevada Dog Guide that is...

Produced in the past as a public service of the Nevada Dog Fanciers Association, the guide is in production once again under the direction of Michelle Leoni.  A valuable resource for anyone who loves dogs, The Nevada Dog Guide features descriptions and contact information on area dog clubs, breeders, rescue organizations, veterinarians, groomers, pet boutiques and more!

While this first addition of the new guide is a start, it is far from complete.  Namely, it lacks entries from Northern Nevada--something Michelle hopes to rectify in the next installment of the annual publication.  I, personally, can see The Nevada Dog Guide even having its own website in the future.  For now, however, The Nevada Dog Guide is available in binder format.

For more information on distribution of the guide or advertising, please contact Michelle at trukher@aol.com.

- Tammy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank You and Good Luck Angelina - We will miss you!

Angelina sits in for test shots prior to a client session.

Here at TRR Photography, we take great pride in our associates and the jobs they perform to keep the studio running smoothly.  This is especially true of my assistants during portrait sessions.  Having an able assistant present not only helps to keep things rolling and clients comfortable, but gives me an additional pair of eyes on the set.

A favorite amongst my family clients, Miss Angelina Diaz has definitely filled that bill.  Alas, it is with sadness that we bid her farewell.  She will be moving to Southern California at the end of the month with her family.  There she will continue her high school education and hopefully her singing as a member of her new school's choir.
Having known Angelina since she was a Kindergartner, I can't help but feel I am losing much more than an assistant.  I know my clients will miss her too.  Nevertheless, I also am excited for the Diaz family and the new opportunities this move is sure to bring.

So, it is with a happy heart that I say, thank you and good luck Angelina!

- Tammy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Families, Fun & Fotos Go Together at TRR Photography

The Bashy Family by TRR Photography

It seems the holidays come and go faster with each passing year.  Inevitably, some of the things we aim to do, just do not get done.  For me, it was my annual missive.  To ensure my cards were received before the new year began, I had to punt on the letter--a holiday tradition of mine since 1989.  The good news for me is that I will have all the more to tell when the holidays roll around again.

Unfortunately, some of you punted on your annual family portrait.  And unlike the written words that form my holiday letter, once your children are a year older there's no going back to create a photograph (Photoshop has its limits).  The good news for you is that you need not wait until the holidays come again to update your family portrait.

Here at TRR Photography, family fun can be had anytime.*  The combination of mild Las Vegas winters and a studio space makes for more options in creating unique family portraits.  What's more, we practice our own kind of family fun here:

F = Families

U = Unleashed

N = Nevada-style!

It's one tradition we keep all year-round.  For more information on the studio, visit TRR Photography.

Happy New Year!

- Tammy      

* Mention this post and receive our special holiday package pricing too.