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Thursday, April 4, 2013

TRR Photography Partners with Photobiz to Launch a New and Improved Studio Website

For those of you paying attention, my March blog post did go by the wayside, but for good reason.  I was busy working on a new website.  Having outgrown the old one, I was tickled to meet the Photobiz team at a recent convention where I partnered with them on the spot!

Powered by a passionate and patient support team, I am happy to announce that the studio's new and improved Photobiz website: www.trrphotography.com is now up and running!  And for the first time, the website can be found and opened on any device you may use to surf the web.  No longer will the site appear as a blank page begging the question: Why?

I, personally, am very excited about the user-friendly operation of the new site and its clean look which allows my photography to take center stage.  What's more, as the administrator of the site, I have the ability to make changes as desired to keep the content fresh--no more waiting for days to change an image featured in the homepage slide show. 

Having cut my teeth on this site, I expect to also have the new website for Let Your Sexy Out live in the next week or two.  And, not to be left out of the makeover project, you may have noticed that this blog has a new look as well.  Now, I'm just left with my studio spring cleaning.  I wonder if the Photobiz team can offer me any solutions on this aspect of my business too.  : )

Until next month, Tammy